Sometimes the experience of pursuing a fish is just as impressive as the fish itself. And for Rodrigo Salles, the pursuit of this giant peacock bass was an experience he won’t soon forget.
“I’d been searching for this monster for years when wading at my favorite spot on the Rio Marié. It took me several years to find it at the right moment and time. And on a cloudy morning, he was there patrolling the mouth of a lagoon like a boss. I came to the corner of the sand bar and saw the big fish hunting. One chance and just one long cast. That was a thrill and one of my best peacock bass ever! Using a line that delivers a big fly a good distance in few false casts is why I trust the Jungle Titan taper from Scientific Anglers. And I paired this line with the powerful Exocett SS predator from Thomas & Thomas, and my brakes are always well-balanced with Nautilus Reels. A perfect combo for giant bass in the Amazon.”
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Video by Danielle Bayer