We only seek out and develop fly fishing projects in unique and remote destinations.

In the ever shrinking world of today, most of the new and never-before-fished waters are located in reserves, national parks, or indigenous native territories, geographically isolated and closed to the public.

In an effort to make these destinations available to our guests, Untamed Angling has developed a unique and groundbreaking model that opens the gates of these marvelous fisheries to the angling community.

The model addresses four strong commitments:

Involving local Communities:

From its beginnings each project is developed in complete cooperation with and endorsement by the local communities. These communities are our partners and directly benefit from our operations.

This strategy generates higher socio-economic value than conventional tourism since these communities actively participate in our daily operation. Our partners reap direct economic benefits as well as gain valuable experience and skills that benefit the communities.

In addition, one of our main objectives in dealing with the indigenous locals is to protect their way of life, maintain their cultural values and traditions and improve their quality of life, all in accordance with their vision for the future.

Untamed Angling has designed a unique working platform for all its projects: a team formed by a professional and a native guide working together.

The pro guide provides specific technical skills and the native guide intensive knowledge of the forest. Working together as a team allows them to enrich our guests’ fishing experience in a way that neither could achieve alone.

Environmental Stewardship:

Unlike conventional eco-tourism enterprises, our destinations purposely accommodate small groups of participants in an effort to reduce environmental and social impact.

With all of our warm water jungle fisheries, we cooperate with government fisheries management officials and various other government agencies in developing research programs and collection of biological data to further understand the fishery and ecosystems. The data we secure will be used to ensure that our waters, the surrounding ecosystem and indigenous people will maintain their vitality and be protected for generations.

Through the cooperation of indigenous local communities and numerous government officials and agencies, Untamed Angling is not only protecting expansive watersheds, but huge tracts of surrounding land, often virgin rain forests that have never, and will never, see the impact of commercial commerce or development.

We also promote and practice sustainable operations through the use of renewable energy, proper waste treatment, recycling, and minimal environmental impact to reduce our footprint.


World Class Catch and Release Fly Fishing:

We work solely in unique and exclusive environments, that provide our anglers the best possible fishing experience.

We respect our fish and share the same belief as our native partners that predatory game fish are sacred and a vital component to the health of the environment and ecosystem. We practice strict catch and release, with single barbless hooks.

Ultimately, those four commitments converge in a single result: Totally unique fly fishing destinations.


Untamed Angling was founded in 2001 by Marcelo Pérez.


The first company’s project was La Zona, the famous giant dorado tail water fishery in Argentina. An unpublished project was born in La Zona, which would perfect itself into future destinations of Untamed.

It was a completely new model in the market, which combined catch & release fly fishing in exclusive areas, with a significant social benefit to local populations and the preservation of natural environment.

This model project allowed Untamed to explore the best areas for sport fishing and develop there international destinations even if they were natural reserves, national parks, or Indian territories.

As these areas were generally found in remote locations with very hard access, Untamed also developed a singular capacity to design logistics of high complexity, and provide at the same time a first class guest’s service.

With the same project model, Untamed developed venues of great repercussion in the international market, such as Far End Rivers (Argentina), Desroches Island Fly Fishing Adventures (Seychelles), Tsimane (Bolivia), Kooi Noom (Argentina), Marié (Brazil), and more recently Kendjam and Pirarucú (Brazil).

Marcelo Pérez

CEO & Founder

+591 75077762

Argentinean architect, trained as an angler on the Argentinean Paraná watershed from an early age, he is devoted to Dorado, traveling and exploring throughout South America new jungle environments on the search of this fish.

He is the Founder and CEO of Untamed Angling, creator of the concept and the project model of the company.

He wrote about fly-fishing for Dorado in magazines in Argentina and Spain for many years before he founded Untamed Angling.

Then he developed and designed fly fishing projects that are of international recognition such as La Zona, Far end Rivers, Desroches Island, Tsimane, and more recently with the input of his friend and business partner Rodrigo Moreira Salles, new venues like Kooi Noom (Patagonia), Marié, Kendjam, and Pirarucú (in the Brazilian Amazon).

Rodrigo Moreira Salles

Partner & Sales Director

+55 92 3308.6010

Brazilian, Civil Engineer, trained as an angler in Brazil, where he grew up and lived for many years near the headwaters of the Paraná river.

There he learned with his grandfather how to fish for Dorado. He has lived many experiences while fishing in the jungles of Brazil, particularly in the Pantanal and remote tropical jungles of the Amazon.

He also made explorations by various rivers of South America on the search of his favorite fish: the Dorado.

He has written for major magazines in Brazil about fly fishing in the jungle, in a time when the modality was still unknown in his country.

He is a partner and Sales Director of Untamed Angling and he has worked on the marketing of the company destinations since the beginnings, inserting Untamed Angling on the most demanding markets in the world. He has also collaborated in all the projects and nowadays he is developing Untamed new destinations in Brazil (Marié, Kendjam, and Pirarucú).

Breno Ballesteros Rezende

Entrepreneur, born in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil. As a kid, he always liked to fish, but only started fly fishing five years ago - it was love at first "cast".

He also owns a fishing lodge in Central Brasil, where you can fish for blue peacock bass, the smaller cousin of the speckled peacock. He's been on board of the Marié project since the beginning and recently joined the Untamed Angling team.




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