Local Communities

An equitable partnership with indigenous people. A genuine way of keeping their legacy alive.

The jungle is their home. Their deep connection to its waters, flora and wildlife drives them to become one with the environment. The development of their senses as hunters and fishermen over the centuries has been exceptional—and they generously share with our guests this combination of ancestral knowledge and fabled skills.

Untamed Angling is founded on their endorsement and involvement so we have established an honest relationship with natives of six different ethnicities.

By providing fair employment to over 300 indigenous people, and further 100 non-indigenous locals, our partnership is a means of helping natives preserve their centuries-old culture and tradition. Because of this close collaboration our destinations now provide more economical benefits for indigenous people than any other tourist attraction in Latin America, thus improving their quality of life and building a sustainable future for their communities.

Focusing on
Environmental Stewardship

The best of Nature. And our commitment to preserve it.

Working with the natives has enhanced our sensitivity towards the environment. That is why sustainability is at the core of our operation.

Untamed Angling contributes to preserving the over 12 million hectares/almost 30 million acres of rainforest comprised by our destinations. We produce thorough environmental reports every season, and dedicate our efforts to studying the fish population and their life cycle. We are in continuous search of fresh, innovative ideas that can help us reduce our ecological footprint, whether through the use of renewable energy, proper waste management or recycling.

Our focus on environmental stewardship is so fundamental that our destinations purposely accommodate small groups of guests so that the impact to the environment is kept to the minimum.

Coordinating Efforts with Legal Authorities

Securing the environment and its biodiversity. For generations to come.

Involving authorities is key to our goal of building a solid, long-lasting legal frame that guarantees the protection of our projects by ensuring a sustainable use of the resources.

To this end, we work cooperatively with numerous government officials and agencies. This way we are able to submit and discuss environmental proposals. Additionally, we develop research programs to further understand the ecosystems.

This strategy contributes to safeguarding our agreements with the locals while providing long-term vision to our development, thus securing our most valuable assets: the magnificent environments and the inestimable natives’ traditions.

Introducing a World Class Fly Fishing and Exploring Experience

Nature. Wild. Heart-stirring. Like you have never experienced before.

Our destinations will appeal to all kinds of explorers. We offer a wide array of outdoor activities for both anglers and non-anglers: from strict catch and release fly fishing with single barbless hooks to night and day hiking, from canoe and boat tours to birding and dolphin watching, from visits to nearby communities to photographic safaris. You will find unique opportunities to discover Nature—always with an indigenous perspective at hand.

Lose yourself fishing in pristine rivers and take in the amazing surroundings. Get the most out of our original working platform—a team consisting of a professional and a native guide. The former will provide specific technical recommendations and the latter will share his profound knowledge of the rainforest and his craft as hunter and fisherman.

Providing Premium Accomodation in the Most Secluded Destinations

State-of-the-art facilities. For both adventure-thirsty anglers and explorers.

At Untamed Angling we know that even the most passionate travelers need a break after a day’s worth of adventure. So we set out to develop high-class premises to combine the best of both worlds—entrancing, exhilarating settings outside and splendid, five-star rated rooms and amenities inside, whether in our lodges, our glamping tents or on the Untamed Amazon, our specifically designed vessel.

Relax in our lounges and share your daily experiences with your fellow anglers and explorers while enjoying a glass of fine wine. Delight your palate with our haute cuisine in the dining rooms. Tell your loved ones all about it using our satellite Wi-Fi connection. And then go to sleep on a cozy bed in your suite, equipped with private bathroom—and astonishing views.


Untamed Angling was founded in 2001 by Marcelo Pérez.


The first company’s project was La Zona, the famous giant dorado tail water fishery in Argentina. An unpublished project was born in La Zona, which would perfect itself into future destinations of Untamed.

It was a completely new model in the market, which combined catch & release fly fishing in exclusive areas, with a significant social benefit to local populations and the preservation of natural environment.

This model project allowed Untamed to explore the best areas for sport fishing and develop there international destinations even if they were natural reserves, national parks, or Indian territories.

As these areas were generally found in remote locations with very hard access, Untamed also developed a singular capacity to design logistics of high complexity, and provide at the same time a first class guest’s service.

With the same project model, Untamed developed venues of great repercussion in the international market, such as Far End Rivers (Argentina), Desroches Island Fly Fishing Adventures (Seychelles), Tsimane (Bolivia), Kooi Noom (Argentina), Marié (Brazil), and more recently Kendjam and Pirarucú (Brazil).

Marcelo Pérez

CEO & Founder

+591 75077762

Argentinean architect, trained as an angler on the Argentinean Paraná watershed from an early age, he is devoted to Dorado, traveling and exploring throughout South America new jungle environments on the search of this fish.

He is the Founder and CEO of Untamed Angling, creator of the concept and the project model of the company.

He wrote about fly-fishing for Dorado in magazines in Argentina and Spain for many years before he founded Untamed Angling.

Then he developed and designed fly fishing projects that are of international recognition such as La Zona, Far end Rivers, Desroches Island, Tsimane, and more recently with the input of his friend and business partner Rodrigo Moreira Salles, new venues like Kooi Noom (Patagonia), Marié, Kendjam, and Pirarucú (in the Brazilian Amazon).

Rodrigo Moreira Salles

Partner & Sales Director

+55 11 98181 8703

Brazilian, Civil and Enviromental Engineer. Having fishing his entire career in the jungle for Freshwater Dorado, Peacock Bass, and other jungle species shaped him as an angler.

Even being exploring waters in other remote fresh and saltwater destinations, the jungle is his favorite place to be.

He started with Marcelo as a business partner and Sales Director of Untamed Angling and he has worked on the marketing of the company destinations since the beginnings, inserting Untamed Angling on the most demanding markets in the world. He has also collaborated in all the projects and nowadays he is CEO of Untamed Angling Brazil.

He has written for major magazines in Brazil and US about fly fishing in the jungle, in a time when the modality was still unknown.

Exploring wild and remote waters in the Amazon with the natives and discovering new species and to catch on a fly rod is one of his favorite things in the sport.

Breno Ballesteros Rezende

Entrepreneur, born in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil. As a kid, he always liked to fish, but only started fly fishing five years ago - it was love at first "cast".

He also owns a fishing lodge in Central Brasil, where you can fish for blue peacock bass, the smaller cousin of the speckled peacock. He's been on board of the Marié project since the beginning and recently joined the Untamed Angling team.