Tsimane Secure Lodge – Fishing Report – Sept 1st – 20th

By Rodrigo Salles

Secure Lodge Fishing Report – Sept 01th-  20th


Overall Conditions.

The first group of September found the river in perfect conditions, optimal  water level  and colour, making the fishing easier. For the second group, the fishing was a little bit tougher since the water dropped and got clear very fast.  With this kind of conditions, harder work was required, which allowed some good size pacues and dorados.  The first day for third group, the river continued in the same conditions as the group before. Due to a heavy rain, it was imposible to go out fishing  the second day, during the third day the water level began to dropped activating the fishing.  The rain poured in the previous days, left the river in perfect conditions for fishing for the fourth group, from day one the three bits showed an important  activity of big dorados and pacues.


Weather conditions

During these days, weather conditions were very unstable,  tempertature dropped and raised a lot, with heavy rains and southern winds, and moments of excellent water color and temperature. Anyway, fishing is always rocking in Tsimane…


Water Conditions.

Although the heavy rains and temperature changes, fishing was pretty good.


The  first two groups had a good pacu fishing in the upper Secure and some big dorados in the lower Secure. For the last two groups the overall fishing was excellent  in all three bits, with a lot of dorados and pacues. The average size was between 15 and 26 pounds.

As fishing equipment, we mostly used floating and intermediate lines, 40 pounds Mono/ Fluoro and 40 pounds steel leader in the end.  Regarding the flies, we started using small flies while the weather was good and changed to bigger ones when the water was dirtier.


Biggest fish of the week.

David Isaac caught a 26 pounds Dorado in beat 2, lower Secure River.

Mariano Wainstein  – Secure Lodge Manager

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