Tsimane Pluma Lodge – Fishing Report – Sept 8-16th

By Rodrigo Salles

Pluma Lodge Fishing Report

September 8th-12th
General Conditions: This week the weather has been more humid and hot compared with other weeks, with some storms turning around and low pressure.

Pluma Lodge visited by Juan, Nicolas and friends our old guests from Argentina.

Itirizama River with very low water level, with crystal clear water and sight fishing, very elusive , great presence of pacu . Required smaller flies and longer leaders.

Pluma River had the gold rush very active, and there was some excellent good sized trophies around 20 pounds… At Secure River the highlight were the pacúes in high activity taking small streamers tied in 1/0 and 2/0 hooks, short tail and marabou . Red and black or orange and black.

Our friends Carlos and Juan s interesting caught many pacúes and some gold bars, among them stands a 28 pound beast! The fishing was made usually at logs structure, not bad despite the low pressure thunderstorm which hit us.

In short lines, the Dorado Fishing has been excellent with many catches of 9 to 12 pounds , very funny, and excellent pacu action during these days.
All floating lines worked well , but in some areas the intermediate clear tip made the job even better. black color flies, black and red or black and yellow were the best Small flies in the range of 1/0 to 2/0 , with a length of approximately 2 to 3 inches were a good choice for pacú .

Biggest fish of the week.
28 lbs Dorado caught by Juan ( Secure Coruya Area) .

September 12 – 16th

General Conditions: With one strong rainy day the river conditions complicated on the night of Sept 13th, river went high with brown colored water, so we had the the day after with bad conditions but river clarified on 15th, and this day fishing conditions improved a lot by lowering the water level, with all Pluma/Secure/Itirizama getting much better fishing and clearer water.

Itirizama River: After the 13th – Very muddy water , lots of dorado hunting activity among river shore.

Pluma River in equal terms, follow the gold hunters getting many 20 pounders by Eugene, Matt and Fabien. Big streamers with muddler head style were the top flies, in black/yellow (small doradito) and big GT style poppers!

Secure River:  One busy day with some 25 pounders!! Still working small streamers tied in 1 / 0 and 2 / 0 , hook, short tail and tied with marabou . Red and black or orange and black .
Brazilian Angler and old friend of Tsimane Lodge, Pedro Serrano catch some nice pacúes and several dorado among which one beast  of 25 pounds.  The majority of action were in logs and fallen trees structures, but degrading much after the strong rain. On 15th conditions improved a lot , Doug and Gregg got their realhavy gold bars. We missed the pacu, they weren’t active after the rain.

In short, the Dorado Fishing has been very good  on Sept 13 and 15th.

All floating lines worked well , but again the clear intermediate tip performs best in certain situations like the log structure or the runs prospection .

Biggest fish of the week.
30 lbs Dorado caught by Eugene ( lower Pluma River , Palca beat )


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