Tsimane Fishing Report – Secure and Pluma Lodges – May 11th-23rd

By Rodrigo Salles

Secure Lodge Fishing Report - 11th-19th May 2013

Overall conditions.

The river had been dropping little by little since the last rain, colour of the water was great and the fish where on the taking mood this week. Lower section (Bit 2 and 3) gave us good quantities of fish and some of them close to 20 pounds. We have been further upstream than usual, just to looking for the fish that passed few week ago, unluckily the effort was not very productive.  Anyway, there have been a couple of nice surprises this week which I´m going to describe below.

Weather conditions.

Temperatures ware between 26° and 33° Celsius in the first days, as soon as the first group left a cold front coming from the south reached us making temperature drop an average of  10° Celsius added to that a full day of Rain. The cold lasted for 2 days and then everything went back to normal.

Water Conditions.

We had stable water temperature for the first half of the week, between 24° and 27° Celsius. Then, due to the cold front it dropped to 21° Celsius.


From 11th – 14th we received 4 single anglers, Horst, Ernst, Richard and Michael, all of them fished with single guide and boat increasing the chance to get fish by covering more area. Beat 0 was very slow during these days, not many Dorados were seen there and Pacu didn´t want to bite under any technic.  Last session on beat 0 Seba had the brilliant idea to go to Yahana River with Richard, they managed to hook two Pacus and some clear opportunities to catch big Dorado.

Beat  1 was slow but luckily on the first session Horst managed to catch one Pacu, some smaller Dorados and the tophy of the beat 0, a big female that exceeded 20 pounds.

First session on the Lower beats (2 and 3) fished very well, many catches between  10 and 20 pounds. Michael got two great Dorados on his first session, 18 and 20 pounds. Horst also got a great surprise catching a Pacu of 22 pounds on the tail of Cachuela. I also had the pleasure to guide Ernst who I guided many times in other destinations, we saw many fish in Cachuela and landed few beetwen 8 to 17 pounds.



Next group (14th to 19th) We had four guest Justin, Wayne, Judy and Joe . As soon as the group arrived, a cold front from the south passed through, the temperatures dropped drastically and a intense rain made the river go up and get a bit dirty. Justin was the only one who went fishing in the first morning, he had two great fish on beat 1, after his return at midday he encouraged the rest of the group to went out and try fishing.

After the cold front dissipated, every beat gave us some nice fish! Beat 1 was the slowest with some sporadic fish under 10 pounds.  Beat 2 and 3 worked well, everyone had some nice fish out of cachuela, Mariano and Justin had a great session hooking more than 10 good fish with a huge  10 inches fly.

Biggest fish of the week.

23 pounds Dorado caught by Justin on beat 2.

Pluma Lodge Fishing Report - 15th-23rd May 2013

Overall Conditions

We faced some rainy days and cold front, letting the Upper Pluma and Itirizama with challenging fishing. They are very low and clear and water with temperature around 22 Celsius Degrees, so fish became very selective.


We started with 4 anglers from different countries. They requested single guides, in a special package which gave them the possibility to fish better with a full time guide for each one.

The upper Pluma and the Itirizama rivers weren’t fished these 3 days, and the fished the lower pluma beats and the Coruya – Lower Secure área.

Despite the rain, which followed them for the first day, they caught many dorados in the 14-22 pound range.

We saw many Dorado hunting sabalos in shallow water, in feeding frenzies, which gave to those anglers a very special show and some hook ups.

Ernst fished the Itirizama River on second day and got some excellent sight fishing opportunities after midday when water reached good temperature. He got 4 dorados between 7 and 13 pounds and a pacu strike.

Our manager Juan Carlos guided for 3 days our senior angler Horst (healthy 84 years old!!) and they fished very well. On their first day, fishing in coruya sector had bad weather and not so good fishing. Second day deserve them very special moments in lower pluma with some big fish but lick were on the other side of the line, and all big fish were lost. It was and excellent day but he missed the so desired big fish pose photo.

On his 3rd and last day Horst encounter his redemption. Juan Carlos guided him in coruya beat. The morning was a little slow due the low water temperature, with only few 5-7 pounds fish. But by the end of the day, the efforts this 84 years old gentleman, were rewarded. He fished very well and long run and by the tail of run we had an amazing strike! A fat dorado took his backing out of the reel, making the delicious noise we all love the hear. On the other side of his line an amazing fish of 32 pounds!!! What a catch!  How good to see the smile on his face after working so hard.

May 19-23rd

After so intense group, we hosted 4 American anglers, which had Justin (not Biber) but Spencer, who is a great guide and my personal friend.

Judith had his first into Dorado trip ever, and she got some amazing fish around 20 pounds around same size as his husband Joe!

It was a very funny group.

Justin and Wayne fished the lower Pluma on first day, and got some 9-20 pound fish. They fished hard until Ramiro’s Pool, which paid very well, as Always with some huge dorado (lost) and other 15-17 pounds landed fish. By the mid afternoon we spotted a huge dorado (more than 30 pounds) moving and Justin made a good cast, the fish took the fly and fought very hard. Justin swan trying to don’t loose the fish and the beast found a sunken tree to help him. The fish strategy won Justin efforts and the leaders exploded after a tough fight.

Biggest fish of the week.

32 pounds Dorado by Horst!!

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