TSIMANE – Fishing Report – Secure and Pluma Lodges – May 3rd -11th

By Rodrigo Salles

Tsimane – Fishing Report – May 3rd to 11th  

Secure Lodge

Overall Conditions.

We started the first group with dirty water due to a big rain in the arrival day. After that, watercolour got clearer very quick, deserving good fishing for the next 3 fishing days. Second group came along when water conditions were perfect, not too clear not to dirty, fishing slowed down quite a lot and catches were sporadic, anyway, there were a couple of 20 + pounds fish landed on the upper beats of Secure River

Weather conditions.

Temperatures were high most of the days between 28° and 33° Celsius but, temperatures drop at night making the night very comfortable for a good rest.

Water Conditions.

Temperature of the water has been very stable throughout the week between 22° and 26° Celsius.


All the beats have been good while the first group was here (3rd to 7th) many fish between 8 to 17 pounds were landed  but all the big fish were lost. Pacu was difficult, actually, we always see many of them feeding in the deep pools, but, is very important to approach them without making any noise, as soon as they feel something strange, GONE! .Luckily  Flavio managed to land a 15 pounds Pacu on his 3th cast after arriving!!


Second group (7th to 11th ) had similar fishing activity but bigger fish on average,  luckily last day Puma Damiane managed to get a great fish over 23 pounds on beat 1. Pacu activity was a bit better, being 4 of them caught and one very close to 20 Pounds.  As fishing equipment, we mostly used floating and intermediate lines, 40 pounds Mono/ Fluoro and 40 pounds steel leader in the end.  Regarding the flies, in the beginning of the week we had to use big flies but as far as the weeks went we had to go smaller due to the clarity of the water.


Biggest fish of the week.

23 pounds Dorado caught by Puma on beat one.

Alex Trochine  – Secure Lodge Manager



Pluma Lodge 

Overall Conditions

The weather has been generally warmer unlike other weeks. Pluma and Itirizama rivers course have been reduced but still very clear, excellent for sight fishing. Pacu have been very active, and there are nice dorados around. We think you might be a little aggressive in the clear, shallow waters at Pluma and Itirizama


Zone one upper water have been great for fishing with many middle size dorados . Pacues have been easy to catch with small streamers tied in 1/0 y 2/0 hooks, short tail and tied with marabou. Red and black, or orange and black have been working really well.

We receive Flavio and Thiago from Brazil, who brought the carnival to the lodge.  At Coruya sector (Lower Secure River) and lower Pluma River the Brazilians anglers had an amazing time with the guides Gabriel, Guido and Vicente (Chucky)! They enjoyed catches of dorados between 30 and 36 pounds, not bad at all!!! As Flavio is a friend of our chef Nelson from long time, he invited him to spend the day with them, of course he had to delight them with a BBQ at the river and he even had chance to catch a nice dorado too.


After that, we hosted a repeater group of Argentineans (7th to 11th). We had a few fun days with  Jorge  Diamani  “EL PUMA “  who got  two huge dorados above 25 pounds at lower Pluma and more than 20 landed fish. Other anglers of Puma´s group were able to get some action at this beat too. In resume: Dorado Fishing has been excellent lately.

The Itirizama River sectors have been very good lately with lots of 8-11 pounds fish and some specimens pretty bigger. Alejandro took a true gold bar about 18 pounds, and there have been numerous cannibal attacks this period that made the anglers loose fish a few times, or getting just a piece of it. Anyway it´s an amazing show to enjoy!


Upper Pluma has not been very good at all, even when water was not very clear, fishing was slightly hard with only few results, but upper Pluma always deserves some surprises, and was time for Quique Olivier, end his journey with a fantastic dorado around 17 pounds. Both fisherman and guide enjoyed the spectacular run the fish made downstream.


At lower Pluma many large fish have been rolling on the surface by the time of this report, and while they may be harder to bite when in this behaviour happens, just one action can be certainly incredible!

All floating lines worked well, but some fish were taken with full intermediate and intermediate tips. Flies all black, black and red or black and yellow were the best colours. Small flies in the range of 1/0 to 2/0, with a length of about 2 to 3 inches were a good choice for pacu.

Biggest fish of the week.

38 pounds Dorado caught by Flavio on Lower Secure (Coruya Zone).

Juan Carlos Moreno – Pluma Lodge Manager



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